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HiC box kit


If you're building a full scale replica of Han Solo in Carbonite, you'll need a lot of pieces to get it done right. There are well over 100 little doo-dads or "greeblies" you'll need to build it perfectly.

You'll also need 8 resin side panels that the greeblies attach to.

You'll need the 12 wooden piece box kit which this listing is for.

You'll likely want to add lights end electronics.

Finally you'll need the Han Solo cast itself.

This item listed here is the box kit. It comes as 12 wooden pieces, cut exactly to the dimensions to mak ethe most accurate box. The top and bottom sides are trapezoids, and the left and right slides slope inward. The top of the box is smaller than the bottom. All of this is intentional.

Here is a very old guide on" target="_blank">how to put it all together.

You'll find more updated build threads on

I can get you the 8 panels, the greeblies, the box kit, or even build a whole one for you. contact me for details.

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