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Plumbus from Rick and Morty


Nothing special to see here. It's just a regular plumbus. A normal every day plumbus made from dinglebop and smoothed with shleem. I have enough fleeb juice to make at least 10.


I'm offering this as a kit where you paint it yourself. If you'd like me to sand, fill, and paint it for you, I can do that too for an extra cost. If you have your own 3D printer and want to make it yourself, you can use the pay-per-print service that will let you stream gcode to your printer using this $3.99 one-time-print link: /science/engineering/plumbus-just-a-norm al-regular-old-plumbus-from-rick-and-mor ty



Check out this video of the final piece once it's painted! uLQ


* * If you're ordering the smoothed and painted option, orders placed after 12/14 may not arrive before December 25th. * *


If you're ordering the raw kit, it will just come as five plastic parts. You'll have to fill and sand and paint it yourself.

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